CAD Services

Need a hand with and 3d or 2d Cad. We charge a flat rate of £40 an hour and charge in half hour blocks.

If you need a simple drawing mod that will only take 30 minutes we'll only charge you £20

We  are also offer a fixed price design service.



Dual Hose Nose 3

Product Evaluation

If you would like us to review your project, we will happily do so for free.

We will let you know where we feel we can help and provide a free road map to project launch.

All customers projects will not be discussed with any third parties with out contacting you first.



Tooling Design

Most of the tools we commissioned are now machined in China, this allows us to keep the price down.

We work along side a collection of companies to ensure that the product will function as designed and reduce some of the nasty surprises like finding split lines on visual faces.