Finite Element Analysis

CFD, FEA & thermodynamics
Combining engineering science with the latest developments in computer analysis, we refine and predict the performance of components, products and systems before committing to the time and expense of manufacture and testing.

Simulation for optimised solutions
We use engineering analysis to reduce the number of prototypes, and thereby the cost and time to get to a final design. Depending on the part and application, we select the most appropriate approach for each project to get to the best solution in the most efficient way. Our capabilities include:

Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics including calculations and CFD for analysis of fluid flows and heat transfer problems. Our experience includes the electronics cooling, optimisation of domestic appliances, design of novel refrigeration systems and wind drag of external structures
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for analysis of the stress, stiffness and safety of mechanical components
Dynamics simulations for complex mechanisms, linkages and moving parts.
Through partners we can provide complex optical analysis and design and other types of specialised analyses.

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