Composite Pipe Coupling

Designing under pressure


Design a coupling capable of operating
at 350bar sealing onto a Carbon / Glass Peek pipes.

Stage 1 – evaluate existing designs

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We started by drawing up a standard steel pipe and ANSI coupling.

This gave us a model that we could later use baseline model.

It also allowed us to check that the hand calculations we did matched up with the FEA loads and safety factors.

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The initial concept was too challenging to manufacture.

It also had problems that the pre-load for a M36 bolt destroyed the composite pipe.


Outer Housing-Study 1-Results-Stress1
Render 16

By Splitting the bolts that apply the pre-load on the wedges and the bolts that connect the coupling to a standard Ansi flange we could lower the force on the composite pipe.


The final design took over 600 bar before the pipe split.. The coupling was undamaged.

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